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1965 Mustang Garage Rescue


Posted on 2/9/19 by mpmbob

(714) 293-6561

Yorba Linda, California

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1965 Mustang Garage Rescue

The Story

I’ve known this car and its owner for over 40 years. She was the second owner and drove it daily until it developed what they thought was a transmission issue (More on that later). The car was parked in the garage in 1984 with the intent of repairing it soon. Kids came along, and the car continued to sit. Many people offered to buy the car, but she would never agree to sell, always thinking that someday, she would fix it and drive it again. In the meantime, life went on, boxes began being placed around and over the car until all you could see was the grill and right rear fender (see pictures).

Fast forward to November 2018. Her mother had passed away leaving more things to store and the garage was full to the brim. It was either pay for storage or concede to selling the car. Hanging her head, she made the difficult decision to sell the car.

Since I was a long-time acquaintance and had offered to buy the car over the years, they called me first and we agreed on a price. The Friday after Thanksgiving 2018, we excavated the Mustang from the depths of boxes to find a very straight, original 1965 Mustang. It had 4 flat tires and of course, wouldn’t roll. I had a flatbed tow truck drag it out of the garage and deliver it to my house where it was deposited onto four dollies and rolled into my garage.

The first thing I did was jack the car up and put it on jack stands so I could pull the wheels and purchase new tires. As I was pulling the wheels, I noticed that the front left wheel would not turn. All the other wheels spun freely. After removing the wheels, I pulled the brake drum on the front left and found a broken brake spring which had fallen on to the adjuster mechanism and jammed the wheel. Hmm. Could this be the “transmission” problem? Time would tell.

I spent the next several weeks, evenings and weekends, carefully preparing the car for an attempted engine start. I first pulled the spark plugs which looked pretty good considering how long the car had been sitting. I have a small flexible camera that I put in the spark plug holes and looked at each cylinder wall. No Rust! I put a small amount of Marvel Mystery Oil into each cylinder but did not turn the motor over, allowing the oil time to spread around.

While the cylinders were soaking, I stated to check the fuel system. The tank was full of rust and the lines were very plugged. I replaced the fuel tank and sending unit after clearing the lines. The fuel pump also showed rust, so I replaced it as well. It appears to be a real Ford OEM pump and still had the metal ID tag on it. I kept that for the future owner. I rebuilt the carburetor which appeared to be the original also with the ID tag.

Fuel system complete, I went back to the motor. I put a bit more MMO into each cylinder. I drained the old oil which again, for the years, looked black but not thick. I replace the oil filter and added new oil through both valve covers giving the valve train a bit of oil and added a bottle of Rislone additive. I then put a breaker bar and socket on the crank shaft, said a prayer and rotated the motor. It immediately spun free with no drag. Cool! I connected a new battery, disconnected the coil wire and used the starter to spin the motor over. The MMO shot of the cylinders but it spun effortlessly. Fuel made it all the way up to the carb. I think I’m ready to try starting the motor!

Before I tried to start the motor, I checked the other fluids. The antifreeze was just that, antifreeze. A little low but still green. The trans fluid didn’t show on the dip stick (explains the red oil stain on the old garage floor) so I added a couple quarts and some trans additive for good measure. Power steering fluid was okay. I reinstalled the original spark plugs. All set.

I said another prayer and turned the key. Crank, crank, crank… nothing. Oh boy. Started checking things. I had fuel, no problem there. Pulled a plug wire. No spark. Pulled the coil wire, no spark. Checked the ohms on the coil. All was well. The rotor and cap looked a little rough. Installed new ones. Nope that wasn’t it. This car was running when they parked it. What gives. Points looked okay. The only thing left was the condenser. Really? Swapped it for a new one and BOOM! It started right up and purred like a kitten. Occasionally a lifter would rattle but it would go away just as fast. Holy cow, this thing actually runs!

It was still on jack stands so let’s see what happens when I put it in drive. Another prayer and low and behold, the wheels started turning. Stopped, put it in reverse, the wheels started turning. Wow! Maybe the brake spring really was the only problem. I got to get this thing on the ground.

Next up, brakes. Zero pedal. Zero fluid. Added brake fluid to original master cylinder but it still wouldn’t pump. Got a little thick goo to come out of the wheel cylinders. Long story short, I decide to take the safe route. I replaced the master and all four wheel cylinders. I purged all the brake lines. Replace the two front and one rear flex lines. They were very hard! Bled the brakes and got a full, hard pedal.

Lowered the car onto 4 new tires, rolled it into position, started the car and put it in reverse to back out of the garage. So far so good. Put it onto drive and slowly took my foot off of the brake. Away we went. The transmission shift through all three gears like it had never been parked for 34 years. Apparently, it was nothing more than a $5 brake spring that put this thing in the garage all those years ago. The engine ran smoothly so I drove it to the gas station and filled up the new tank. This was awesome!

Since first starting the car, I have driven it all over town and to a couple local car shows where it drew a lot of attention. I am currently running the original plates through the DMV in the hopes of maintaining those plates. I am now ready to put it on the market and sell to a person who can really appreciate the story behind this car and the potential it has for restoration or just driving it like it is.

1965 Ford Mustang

·          Second owner (I’m 3 rd )

·          Coupe

·          Original Pony Interior

·          289 V8 2Bbl

·          Automatic C4 Transmission

·          Power Steering

·          Dealer installed AC

·          AM Radio – It works!

·          Motorola 8 Track Player -This also works!

·          Rust free – undercoated

·          California born and raised

·          Manufactured in San Jose

·          VIN 5R07G200541

·          Body 65B

·          Original color Y

·          Trim 62

·          143,000 Original miles

·          New


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  • Make: Ford
  • Model: Mustang
  • Year: 1965
  • Condition: Excellent
  • Transmission Type: C4
  • Cylinders: 8 Cylinders
  • Interior Color: Pony Interior
  • Exterior Color: Blue
  • Wheels: Stock Wire Spoke Hubcaps


  • All Original
  • Power Steering will drive your sales. Reach thousands of classic car enthusiasts by promoting your business on over 400+ pages across Pomona Swap Meet's website.

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