Next Pomona Swap Meet: August 13, 2017
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    Rain or shine, we swap! For the best shopping, swapping and auto viewing, we recommend arriving early. Remember, "the early bird gets the worm." The Pomona Swap Meet & Classic Car Show is a one-day event held at Fairplex in the City of Pomona, California.

    Event Hours:     5am to 2pm

    Event Location: 1101 W McKinley Avenue,
    Pomona, CA 91768

  • Vendors

    Do you have car parts from a restoration project lying around? Are you cleaning out your garage and need to get rid of spare parts, old tools, or other auto related items? Or do you have a car related business with lots of stuff you want to get rid of and turn into cash? If so, you should become a vendor at the Pomona Swap Meet & Classic Car Show!

  • Car Corral

    Bring your classic car to our next show, park in the middle of the action, and see for yourself why Pomona is the best place to sell your classic car or truck. Since 1975, hundreds of thousands of classic cars & trucks have come and gone through the gates of the Pomona Swap Meet & Classic Car Show.

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    Looking for show news? Want a good read on automotive DIY? Check out our blog and photos to keep up with the latest and greatest from Pomona. You’ll find tips and tricks of the trade!

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    George Cross & Sons, Inc. presents seven giant swap meets every year that have become known as the "West Coast's Largest" antique auto, Corvette, Porsche, street rod, and Volkswagen swap meet and classic car show. The Pomona Swap Meet & Classic Car Show is the ultimate classic car event, and gives you the opportunity to turn your classic car, parts, and automobilia into cash!

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    The Pomona Classifieds brings the Pomona Swap Meet to your living room. Search for automotive parts and services, or hunt for the perfect hot rod, muscle car, or classic collectible to fill the empty space in your garage! You can also create an ad to sell your parts and cars for FREE!


How an Oil Filter Works

Oil Filter

By Blair Lampe / Originally Published June 1, 2017 / National Automotive Parts Association / When your car alerts you that it’s time for an oil change, how quickly do you do it? If your answer is that you thought the warning light was just a permanent fixture on your dash, maybe it’s time to do some ...

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10 Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas for DIY Gearheads

Used Wrenches

By Benjamin Hunting / Originally Published June 15, 2017 / National Automotive Parts Association / Looking for Father’s Day gift ideas for the Dad who likes to tinker? You’re in luck. DIY Dads are easy to shop for, because there’s always one more tool, helper or gadget they can use in the garage. Check out this ...

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5 Car Parts That May Need to be Replaced Before Selling

Spark Plugs and Wires

With any used car, particularly classics, it’s absolutely the buyer’s responsibility to verify that the condition of the car is worth the purchase price. We recommend that buyers have the car inspected by a reputable mechanic BEFORE they purchase it. However, as a responsible seller, there are certain car parts that you may want to replace, ...

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Are You Following Us? Our 5 Favorite Posts From May

Pomona Swap Meet Instagram

Whether you come to every Pomona Swap Meet or you’ve never actually made it to a show, you can find fresh content straight from Pomona on our Facebook and Instagram. Here are a few of our favorite posts from May 2017: 1. It’s hard to beat a classic, fastback Pontiac if you’re going for that Kustom look. This one was an ...

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Foreign Concepts VW: Travel in Style with a VW Roof Rack

I’ve had a soft spot for VWs ever since I learned how to drive stick on my brother’s ’69 Bug before my senior year of high school. He left for basic training at Naval Training Center, San Diego, that summer and I was the lucky beneficiary of his car. Before he left, we’d buy the latest ...

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Win This Shirt!

Official 2017 Pomona Swap Meet Event t-Shirt

Want to win an official 2017 Pomona Swap Meet & Classic Car Show event t-shirt? It’s easy… just sign up for the Pomona Swap Meet Newsletter, then click on the “Win This Shirt!” link in the e-newsletter that we send before each of our 2017 events. Five winners will be randomly chosen from the eligible participants every ...

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Are You Following Us? Our Favorite Posts From April

Pomona Swap Meet Instagram

Whether you come to every Pomona Swap Meet or you’ve never actually made it to a show, you can find fresh content straight from Pomona on our Facebook and Instagram. Here are a few of our favorite posts from April 2017: 1. Did you know that Radio Flyer wagons originally came in a variety of colors, including blue, green, yellow ...

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How to Diagnose a Slipping Clutch: 3 Easy Tips


By Benjamin Hunting / Originally Published April 28, 2017 / National Automotive Parts Association / A slipping clutch is a headache to deal with. It’s also not always easy to spot until you have to have your car or truck towed to the garage. How can you spot slipping before you’re stranded on the side of the road? ...

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Dodge Challenger Hellcat is a Tribute to the 1970 Challenger 426 Hemi

Dodge HellCat Against Chicago Skyline

By Matthew C. Keegan / Originally Published April 14, 2017 / National Automotive Parts Association / Not since the 707-horsepower 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat broke cover have we seen anything like this super-powered sport coupe. Neither the Ford Mustang nor the Chevrolet Camaro has matched the Hellcat’s performance numbers — only the newly announced 2018 Dodge Challenger ...

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Keep on Truckin’ with the American Truck Historical Society: Featured Car Club Follow-Up

We’d like to thank the members of the SoCal Chapter of the American Truck Historical Society for joining us at the March 5, 2017 Pomona Swap Meet & Classic Car Show. We enjoyed seeing their pickups, semis, and military vehicles. It’s not every day we get to see a restored 1959 Mack, Ford F900 RV, ...

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A Breath of Fresh Air: Syndicate Customs

One of the first things people usually upgrade on a new project vehicle is the suspension. Whether you’re working on a project or you just want to improve the suspension of your ride, Syndicate Customs can help bring your vision to life! Syndicate Customs (formerly known as Syndicate Motorsports) does it all, from custom jobs to kits ...

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3 Types of Spark Plugs: What’s the Difference?

Old Spark Plugs

By Blair Lampe / Originally Published April 5, 2017 / National Automotive Parts Association / Gasoline-powered engines come in different shapes and sizes, but they all require three essential elements: air, fuel and spark. The spark makes its way through a distributor, which sends an electrical current along an insulated wire to the individual spark plugs, timed ...

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