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  1. General
  2. Gate 15
  3. Towing a Trailer
  4. Reserve Vendor
  5. California Seller's Permit
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  1. General

    • What time should I get there?

      Anytime after 9am Saturday morning, the day prior to actual event date. Gate 15 remains open until the end of the event.

    • What can I sell?

      Auto Parts, Automobilia & Automotive related items only.

    • What should I bring?

      Parts and Automotive related items, a Pop-Up Shade, cash, and whatever else you need to help make your weekend a great one.

    • How many Spaces do I need?

      A minimum of enough space for your vehicle and trailer to fit when connected. Spaces are approx. 20' X 20' each.

    • Where do I park my vehicle?

      All vendor vehicles and trailers must park on your assigned space(s).

    • Can I unload my parts on my Space and park outside the gate?

      No. Your vehicle must be parked on your assigned space.

    • Where do my employees or helpers park?

      Employees and helpers must ride in with you if you did not purchase a vendor space for them to park in. Or on Sunday, they can park in General parking through Gate 17 (Fairplex charges a $10 parking fee) and pay $10 general admission per person to walk into the event.

    • Do you offer Will Call for the space passes?

      Yes, call us to make Will Call arrangements - (714) 538-7091.

    • Can I stay the night if I set up Saturday?

      Yes, some vendors do stay all night.

    • Can I bring my RV to stay the night?

      Yes, as long as your RV has its own assigned space(s) and space passes. The length of your RV will determine the number of spaces you will need.  Example:  A 35' RV will need two spaces.  Each space is approx. 20' X 20'.  Vendor RV's are not permitted anywhere else on the grounds except for the assigned Vendor Space.

    • Do all the Vendor Spaces sell?

      Yes, we continue to sell vendor spaces until we have sold out.

    • Can I bring my pet?

      No pets please.

    • Can I bring my own food/beverage?

      Yes, you may bring your own food/beverage for personal consumption. No bottles or alcohol are allowed on Fairplex grounds. Selling of food/beverage is prohibited.

    • Can I BBQ?

      Yes, however, no briquettes or open wood fires are allowed on Fairplex grounds. Please bring your gas grill for your personal use. There is no selling of food/beverage allowed.

    • Can I bring a generator? Do you have power there?

      Yes, you may bring your personal generator. Please have the generator powered off by 10pm for the consideration of your neighbors. There is no power source on the fairgrounds.

  2. Gate 15

    • What are Gate 15 Hours?

      Gate 15 opens at 9am Saturday and will stay open all night Saturday through Sunday until 2pm.

    • Why does Gate 15 open Saturday?

      Saturday is "Set-Up Day" for vendors who choose to set-up early. It is also when remaining vendor spaces are sold on a first come-first serve basis.

    • How do I find Gate 15?

      Gate 15 is located on the North End of the Fairplex on Arrow Hwy. Directions.

  3. Towing a Trailer

    • Where do I park my trailer?

      On your assigned vendor space. You must purchase enough vendor spaces to park everything you drive in (ie. truck and trailer connected).

    • Can I park my vehicle and trailer on one space? "I know they will fit!"

      No, only one vehicle per space. Trailers are counted as "vehicles."

    • Can I park my trailer in the "trailer parking" lot.

      No, you must park your trailer on your assigned spaces. The "trailer parking" lot is reserved for show car tow vehicles and their trailers only.

  4. Reserve Vendor

    • I'm Reserving Space, how do I choose and request Space?

      Check out our Area Map and indicate your Road and Space preference on your Application.

    • Why should I Reserve a space?

      Reserving in advance saves you time and money. You also receive priority renewal of your space(s).

    • Will the PSM remind me to send in my payment for my Reserve Spaces?

      Yes, you will be sent a courtesy reminder postcard and an e-mail reminder prior to each event.

    • Can I Reserve the same Space again?

      Yes, as long as you are a Reserved Vendor. We “hold” your previous space up until the priority renewal deadline (which is 2 weeks prior to each event).

    • Can I Reserve Space by credit card?

      No, not at this time.

    • How often do I need to apply?

      Apply only once.

    • Can I Reserve Space for the year?

      Yes, we accept payment for remaining shows in the calendar year.

    • Is there a discount if I pay in advance?

      No, there is no discount for paying in advance.

    • Is there a deadline for Reserving Space?

      Friday (the Friday prior to the event) is the last day that reserve payments are processed. All payments must be received in our post office box by 10am that Friday. Note: Mail early for the best space selection.
    • What is the last day space passes will be mailed?

      Our final mailing is 9 days prior to the event. Payments received after the final mailing will be processed and space passes will automatically go on Will Call.
    • Can someone else pickup my space passes at Will Call?

      Yes, you must call the office prior to 12pm (noon) the Friday before the event to make those arrangements at (714) 538-7091. Otherwise, only the vendor named on the account can pick them up. A photo ID is required.
    • How do I know if my payment was received on time?

      To check the status of your payment, please call our office at 714-538-7091.
  5. California Seller's Permit

    • Why do I need a California Seller's Permit?

      The California State Board of Equalization requires that all Reserve Vendors hold a valid California Seller's Permit to sell.

    • How do I get a California Seller's Permit?

      Contact the West Covina office of the California State Board of Equalization at (626) 480-7200 or on their website:

    • Do I need a California Seller's Permit?

      If you plan on reserving vendor space at future swap meets, yes.  However, if you are an occasional seller and plan on purchasing vendor space on site, no.  Occasional sellers typically include persons who have cleared out their garage of their own used items, and sell only those items.

  6. More

    If you have additional questions, please don't hesitate to call (714) 538-7091 or use our Contact Us form and a swap crew member will glady answer your questions.

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