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  1. General

    • What is Pre-1985?

      Vehicles 1985 and earlier.

    • What is Pre-1959 Street Rod?

      Modified vehicles 1959 and earlier.

    • What is Post 1986?

      Any vehicles 1986 through current year.

    • What is Late Model?

      Any post 1986 vehicle.

    • What time should I get there?

      You may stage your vehicle any time after 9am Saturday morning, the day prior to actual event date. However, most classic cars & trucks arrive around 5am Sunday morning. The spaces are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis only.

    • Can I come in Saturday?

      Yes, Gate 15 opens at 9am Saturday. You may stage your vehicle anytime after 9am. 

    • What if I have more than one passenger?

      Admission includes the driver and one passenger. Any additional passengers will be charged general admission, which is $10 per person. Children 12 and under are admitted Free.

    • Why is there a $100 entry fee for Post 1986 vehicle?

      Pomona Swap Meet & Classic Car Show is a classic car event.  We discourage late model vehicles in the event.  However, if you have one and want to bring it out, we won't turn you away.

    • My Car Corral vehicle is on a trailer. Is there an extra charge to park my tow vehicle and trailer?

      No, there is a designated area for tow vehicles and trailers at no additional cost, provided that the tow vehicle is disconnected from the trailer or the show vehicle is unloaded off the trailer.

    • Where do I park my Tow vehicle & trailer?

      Sellers can park their tow vehicle and trailer in the designated parking lot for tow vehicles and trailers. View Area Map

    • Can I drop off my vehicle Saturday (the day before the event)?

      Yes, drive in your vehicle through G15. Park it in its designated Car Corral. Keep your Pass with you. On Sunday, you and your guest (passenger) will be admitted through G17 (spectator entrance). Gate 17 opens at 5am. Please Note: Fairplex charges a $10 per vehicle parking fee upon entry.

    • Can I bring my own food/beverage?

      Yes, you may bring your own food/beverage for personal consumption. Glass bottles are not allowed on Fairplex grounds. Selling of food/beverage is prohibited.

    • Can I BBQ?

      Yes, however, no briquettes or open wood fires are allowed on Fairplex grounds. Please bring your gas grill for your personal use. Selling of food/beverage is prohibited.

    • Can I bring my pet?

      No pets please.

    • Can I bring my service dog?

      Yes, you may bring your service dog with proper disposable waste emplements.  Thanks!

  2. Car Corral Areas

    • Where do I park my car once inside?

      Depends on what vehicle you have. There are 6 designated Car Corral areas: Classics, Street Rods, Corvettes, Porsche, VW's & Imports. You will be asked to park accordingly. View Area Map

    • Can I sell parts in the Car Corral?

      No, the Car Corral Area is for complete vehicles. If you have a 'parts vehicle' or spare parts to sell, you need to purchase a vendor space.

    • Can I sell my RV or camper in the Car Corral?

      No, RV's and campers are permitted in the Vendor area only. Click here for vendor space information.

    • Can I park my trailer in the Car Corral?

      We prefer to have all show vehicles unload from trailers and park in the designated tow vehicle area. We provide a tow vehicle/trailer parking area at no additional cost. If your vehicle is unable to unload from the trailer, you will be required to disconnect and park your tow vehicle in the designated area. Note: No trailers are allowed in the Pre-59 Street Rod corral.

  3. Gate 15

    • What are Gate 15 Hours?

      Gate 15 opens at 9am Saturday. Gate 15 will stay open all day Saturday, all night Saturday night and all day Sunday until 2pm.

    • How do I get to Gate 15?

      Gate 15 is located on the North End of the Fairplex off of Arrow Hwy. Directions.

    • Why does Gate 15 open Saturday?

      Saturday is "Set-Up Day" for anybody who has something to sell. It's also a good day to get first choice parking in the Car Corral.

  4. More

    Call our office and talk to a real person at (714) 538-7091 or use our Contact Us Form.

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