The story below, found in Hemming Motor News, reminds me of the many cool, different, fast, not so fast and interesting cars built in the late 70’s and into the 80’s that bring back fond memories of family, friends and good times. Whether it be a family vacation, a night cruising  with friends or picking up a special person for a date, so much of what makes us look back and smile revolves around our vehicles. For many, the vehicles that were built in this period  may be of great sentimental value, but the value of these classics to collectors is also increasing.

The Pomona Swap Meet & Classic Car Show recognizes this and has expanded its cars for show and sale areas to include Pre-1985 vehicles. Beginning with our upcoming December 2nd show, the admission of your 1985 or older car is $25. This price includes the admission of the driver, one passenger and parking in the middle of the action!

So come out and show off or sell your classic Iroc Camaro’s, Datsun Z’s, Pontiac Fiero’s, VW Rabbit’s, Blazers, Mustang’s or pick up’s. Domestic or Import, we’d like to see them all!

Maybe someone will save this classic Capri and we’ll see it at a future Pomona Swap Meet & Classic Car Show.

Well, not exactly the car pictured – it was for sale on early last year – but reader John Melanson said he spotted one just like it in a junkyard in Ontario, California, with a date with the crusher. That makes three Fox-body Capri convertibles we’ve come across now.

According to John, the Capri is at the Pick-A-Part Auto Dismantling junkyard in Ontario, where photography isn’t allowed. John described it as almost identical to the red one in the photo, with original paint and an intact convertible top. He even provided the VIN: 0R14B601478. “I would purchase it myself, but I don’t have the funds,” he wrote. John noted that the junkyard regularly crushes vehicles in its inventory every two to three weeks.