Do you have anything planned for June 2nd? If you do, try to clear the day for one heck of a good time at the Pomona Swap Meet and Car Show in Pomona, CA. Let us give you just two reasons why you can’t miss this show: “American Graffiti” and “Grease.” We will explain. These two movies remind us that your identity as a man can be defined by how sweet your ride is.  “Hot Rods,” like the ones in these films, are usually American cars that have been modified for maximum speed and a “cool look.” More specifically, Hot refers to the sexuality of the car (e.g., how it is girl bait) and Rod refers to Roadster (e.g., a measure of how it chews up the road with its custom speed). Despite their deep American roots, hot rods are a part of both American and worldwide cultures.

Hot Rods were originally stripped down for the car to weigh as little as possible so they could drive faster than the authorities, who were trying to collect taxes on “white lightning,” an illicit backwoods liquor. Hot Rods can now be bought in prefabricated kits, or they may be restored beauties.

There is growing controversy among automotive hobbyists over an increasing trend towards the acquisition and irreversible modification of surviving historic vehicles. This new practice goes against the traditional hot rodding philosophy of salvaging and reusing junk parts for these rare cars. Whatever your stance on this topic, the important thing is enjoying the search for your next rod, the challenge of the build and enjoying the time spent on a classic American hobby.

If you love old hot rods, contact us for information regarding attending the next Pomona event where you can check out the Hot Rods for sale and tons of Hot Rod parts and accessories for your specialty car.  Check out for information and get in on the fun!