If the Instagram bug hasn’t bit you yet, well, you’re missing out.  With loads of original content, you can get a taste of Pomona on the daily by following @PomonaSwapMeet… even when you can’t make it to the show!  Here’s a look at a few of our top posts from 2016:

1. This 1965 Chevy Impala SS Convertible is an absolute showstopper (posted 11/15/2016).  1965 was a record year for Chevy, with more than a million Impalas hitting the street.  The ’65 Impala had all new styling, including a “full perimeter” frame for better handling and a more comfortable ride.  Base models sold for a mere $2,800.

1965 Impala Convertible

2. The German Rejects VW Club was featured on the Main Aisle of our June 2016 event, and Oscar and Isabel Martinez brought out their 1960 VW Single Cab (posted 06/28/2016). SoCal’s VW scene is like no other, and this Type 2 is an immaculate example. Plus, we’re always a sucker for safari windows!

1960 VW Single Cab

3. We admit, the quality on this shot isn’t great, but sometimes it’s just fun to see all of the classic cars rolling into the Car Corral (posted 12/07/2016).  First used in 1913, you can see that the Chevy bowtie is as popular as ever.  From Corvettes, to trucks, to bombs, we love them all!

Gate 15 - The Classic Car Entrance

This is just a small sample of what you’ll see when you follow @PomonaSwapMeet on Instagram.  We try to keep it one hundred with everything we do, and our social media is no different!  Check it out… if you’ve been to a show, you might even see a pic of your classic car!