Whether you come to every Pomona Swap Meet or you’ve never actually made it to a show, you can find fresh content straight from Pomona on our Facebook and Instagram. Here are a few of our favorite posts from March 2017… and this time around we thought we’d focus on the Car Clubs!

1. We caught some of the Lady Volks in Pomona at our March 5th event. The Lady Volks is an all ladies VW club, and this “perfect for SoCal” 1973 VW Thing belongs to Diamond Girl. (Instagram, 03/09/2017)

VW Thing from LadyVolks Car Club

2. Chevy Bombs are always popular in Pomona, but this 1951 with custom paint really made heads turn. Not gonna lie… we’re jealous of this Viejitos member! (Instagram, 03/11/2017)

1951 Chevy from the Viejitos Car Club

3. Those oval windows, though! The Original German Folks…established in 1982. ‘Nuff said. (Facebook, 03/20/2017)

German Folks VW Bugs

4. This clean 1954 Buick Century belongs to Bill Sieber of the Cal-Rods Car Club. The Century was Buick’s performance model, and it performed well enough for the CHP to place a large fleet order of 2-door sedans in 1955. (Facebook, 03/24/2017)

1954 Buick Century

5. Lowriders are a part of our traditions and Chevy Impalas, in particular, will always have a place in Pomona. This ’61 vert from the Inland Empire Chapter of the Tradition Car Club is a beautiful representation of the SoCal lowriding scene. (Instagram, 03/27/2017)

Tradition CC - 1961 Impala