One of the first things people usually upgrade on a new project vehicle is the suspension. Whether you’re working on a project or you just want to improve the suspension of your ride, Syndicate Customs can help bring your vision to life! Syndicate Customs (formerly known as Syndicate Motorsports) does it all, from custom jobs to kits and from springs to spindles. They specialize in air suspension and parts for all vehicles, as well as lowering and lift kits for trucks. Syndicate Customs is known for their quality of work, their originality, their passion for helping customers, and their product knowledge. If you’re looking to change your car or truck’s stance, get better handling suspension with a smooth ride, or you want to ♫hit them corners in them low lows♫, you should definitely come talk to Syndicate Customs at the next Pomona Swap Meet. They’re set up at every show on Road 17, Spaces 11 and 13.

Syndicate Motorsports Employees

The Syndicate team: Royce Rachman, Andrew Herrera, and Patti Herrera.

We recently caught up with Andrew Herrera, the president of Syndicate Customs, for a quick Q&A sesh. (Don’t worry… we’re not going to re-visit the old air vs. juice debate!)


PSM:  How and when did you get started in this industry?
Andrew Herrera:  In 2000, when we opened up a small suspension shop in San Dimas.

PSM:  What’s the best part of your job?
AH:  The satisfaction of completing a job.

PSM:  Have you always been interested in classic cars?
AH:  Yes. Growing up, my dad would take me to the Pomona Swap Meet and I became enamored with classic cars. We would work on his ’77 International Scout Terra II together and I’ve enjoyed turning a wrench ever since.

PSM:  Do you currently own a classic car?
AH:  Not at the moment.

PSM:  If you won the lottery tonight, what kind of classic car would you buy?
AH:  1955 Nomad.

PSM:  Any favorite memories of the Pomona Swap Meet that you would like to share with us?
AH:  It was great a feeling going from being a spectator to a vendor for the first time, and showcasing our work after many years of admiring other people’s work.

PSM:  Ford or Chevy, or???
AH:  No preference. Every make has an awesome classic.


PSM:  Tell us a little bit about your company and its history.
AH:  In the summer of 2000, I opened a small retail store and installation shop called CHP (California Horse Power) Wheels and Accessories in the city of San Dimas. We specialized in suspension work, wheels, and accessories. For personal reasons, I closed the shop a couple of years later and decided to purchase an Al and Ed’s Auto Sound franchise in Costa Mesa. The audio store operated from 2002 to 2006, when I sold the store and left the industry to help my parents with the family business. But after a few years, I got the itch to go back to what I enjoyed doing so much. In February 2012, I opened up a small store and installation shop in the city of Ontario. It wasn’t long before we grew and moved to Montclair. In 2015, we moved once again to a bigger facility in the city of Upland, where we currently operate our online and brick and mortar stores, along with our large install shop.

PSM:  What’s your most requested service?
AH:  Airbag installations.

PSM:  How long do installs typically take? 
AH:  It really depends on the set up. It can take anywhere from a couple hours to a week or a month, or even longer.

PSM:  What kind of cars do you typically work on?
AH:  Mostly classics. We do a lot of custom fabrication to get what the customer wants.

PSM:  How long have you been coming to Pomona?
AH:  I’ve been attending since the mid 90s as a spectator, and for the last 2 years as a vendor.

PSM:  Do you offer all of your products and services at the Swap Meet?
AH:  We offer some products, but not all at the show. There’s no way we could take everything or do any installation there.

PSM:  What are your most popular items at the Swap Meet? What sells fast?
AH:  Airbag parts. We sell lots of Accuair, Air Lift, and Universal Air parts.

PSM:  Do you offer any special swap meet deals or discounts?
AH:  Yes! If you see us at the show and you want a quote, we offer show specials. You can find us on Road 17, Spaces 11 and 13.

PSM:  Any new products or offerings that we should know about?  Any changes on the horizon?
AH:  We’re really focusing on air suspension parts and selling to our regular customers, as well as re-sellers. We’re one of the very few that offer high end air suspension parts in the area.

PSM:  How can customers contact you?
AH:  By phone, calling or texting, at (909) 248-4075, by email at [email protected], through our website at www.syndicatemotorsports.coat our store: 135 North Benson Avenue, Upland, Calif. 91786, or at the Pomona Swap Meet on Road 17, Spaces 11 and 13.

PSM:  Anything else customers should know about your company or your products?
AH:  We are passionate about what we do and take great pride in the quality of our work. We’re always willing to help the customer with their vision of how they want their vehicle to turn out.