Whether you come to every Pomona Swap Meet or you’ve never actually made it to a show, you can find fresh content straight from Pomona on our Facebook and InstagramHere are a few of our favorite posts from May 2017:

1. It’s hard to beat a classic, fastback Pontiac if you’re going for that Kustom look. This one was an absolute show stopper! (Instagram, 05/06/2017)

Classic Pontiac

2. Introduced in 1947, Chevy’s 3100 “Advanced Design” Series trucks saw the evolution of the 1/2 ton pickup from a utilitarian work vehicle to a popular choice as an everyday driver. (Facebook, 05/07/2017)

Classic Chevy Truck

3. Pontiac’s Safari wagon originally shared body components with the Chevy Nomad, allowing the two General Motors divisions to share tooling costs. I wouldn’t mind driving a station wagon if it looked as good as this Star Chief Custom model spotted at our last show. (Instagram, 05/14/2017)

Pontiac Star Chief Custom Safari

4. Pure Pomona. We love this shot of Gate 15, our classic car entrance, as the classics stream into the show on a Sunday morning. VW, Chevy, Mopar, Ford… we get ’em all! (Facebook, 05/15/2017)

Gate 15 at the Pomona Swap Meet

5. The sensible, dependable, honest, and economical Kombi station wagon. Split windows? Yes, please! (Instagram, 05/24/2017)

Vintage VW Bus