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Looking for Father’s Day gift ideas for the Dad who likes to tinker? You’re in luck. DIY Dads are easy to shop for, because there’s always one more tool, helper or gadget they can use in the garage.

Check out this list of the 10 best DIY gift ideas for the father in your life.

1. Screwdriver Set

Prying, loosening, tightening and just generally assembling and disassembling almost anything mechanical will eventually call for a screwdriver. This set of 26 assorted screwdrivers ranging from Phillips to Poz to Square comes with its own stand and can tackle most, if not all, automotive jobs.

2. Socket Set

A socket set that mixes both metric and SAE attachments for your favorite driver is a key item in any set of automotive tools. Snag the most common sockets plus a strong 3/8-inch driver with this socket set, and put a smile on Dad’s face.

3. Floor Jack

Father’s Day gift ideas don’t all have to fit in your hand. This 2.5-ton floor jack, for example, is sure to make a splash. Set on steel rollers with a padded handle, it’s a versatile jack that will find a welcome home in any garage.

4. Wrench Set

Wrenches and sockets go together like peanut butter and jelly, and these complementary tools should be kept side by side. Like the sockets listed above, this 32-piece set of 12-point wrenches offers both SAE and metric sizing.

5. Pocket Knife

A good pocket knife has a lot more uses than just opening the packages that Dad’s other auto parts came in. As a Father’s Day gift idea, a pocketknife is one of the most versatile tools out there, as you never know when you might need to trim, slice, cut or pry something while working.

6. Portable Jump Start Kit

The days of being stranded because of a dead battery can be left in the rearview mirror now that a new generation of compact and lightweight portable jump start kits is available. Dad’s the one who always bailed you out when you had car trouble, and now you can do the same with this thoughtful gift.

7. LED Work Light

Say goodbye to old incandescent work lights that were easy to break and got too hot to touch after just 10 minutes of use, and say hello to the modern LED work light. With tilt and swivel capabilities, as well as the ease of a cordless design, this light can illuminate any repair job without overheating.

8. Work Gloves

Mechanix work gloves don’t just keep fingers and hands clean, but also protect against cuts, scrapes and burns. Thin enough to maintain dexterity, but thick enough to keep Dad’s hands safe, there should be a pair in every toolbox.

9. Pressure Washer

Sometimes that garage floor is too dirty for sweeping. Enter the pressure washer — a clean-up buddy so useful that it can take hours off of dealing with a spill or even built-up crud that’s been sitting for ages.

10. Bluetooth Speaker

Dad should have his tunes at arm’s length when working on the car, which makes a portable Bluetooth speaker a great way to say I love you. This one’s rugged design means it will survive more than a few spills and tumbles in the line of duty, while still sounding great.

This Father’s Day, show Dad you care by giving him a gift that he’ll enjoy in the garage for years.

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