Whether you come to every Pomona Swap Meet or you’ve never actually made it to a show, you can find new and original content straight from Pomona on our Facebook and Instagram. Here are a few of our favorite posts from June 2017:

1. Some people balk when they here that the Pomona Swap Meet opens at 5 a.m., but you couldn’t capture the sunrise behind this 1969 Pontiac Firebird convertible if we opened later! The first-gen Firebirds shared the same Coke bottle styling of the Chevy Camaro, but unlike their Camaro cousins, the Firebird’s front bumper was integrated into the front end of the car. Subtle differences made this pony car stand out! (Facebook, 06/12/2017)

Classic Pontiac Firebird Convertible

2. Built for the 1970 to 1976 model years, the Plymouth Duster was based on the more compact Valiant, which had been a mainstay at Plymouth for nearly a decade already. The “semi-fastback” styling of the Duster would attract a different customer to Plymouth, as they competed with the likes of the new Ford Maverick and the AMC Hornet. This clean 1973 Duster 340 came out to Pomona for our June 4th show, and it was simply mouthwatering! (Instagram, 06/19/2017)

Plymouth Duster 340

3. We’re Los Angeles proud, obviously, but even we could overlook the San Diego badges to admit that this is one sick Harley! From the long fishtails to the custom leather to those wicked spoke rims, this bike does everything just right. Firme vicla! (Instagram, 06/20/2017)

Harley Davidson Vicla

4. Dodge only produced 6,285 of these Dart GT Sports for the 1969 model year, which is a shame because they featured some real go-fast power and a lightweight, compact body. The base block was a 275hp 340-cu.in. engine, but a 383 with 330 horses was also an option. And then there was the 375hp 440… 4.32 x 3.75-inch bore and stroke, 10.1:1 compression ratio, hydraulic lifters, a Carter four-barrel, and 480-lbs.ft. of torque! (Instagram, 06/26/2017)

1969 Dodge Dart GT Taillights

5. Now, this just looks like fun! Our VW Car Corral is always a good time, but this Baja Bug takes it to the next level. A little pong and then camping overnight Saturday so that you’re ready for the show on Sunday morning? Brilliant! (Facebook and Instagram, 06/27/2017)

VW Baja Bug With Camping Tent on Top

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