Whether you come to every Pomona Swap Meet or you’ve never actually made it to a show, you can find new and original content straight from Pomona on our Facebook and Instagram.  Here are a few of our favorite posts from July 2017:

1. This sick 1973 Chevy Caprice with a phantom grill belongs to @73_pineapple_gold.  (Instagram, 07/02/2017)

1973 Chevy Caprice

2. We’re guessing Pepsi is NOT okay.  But, we would definitely share a Coke with this classic vocho.  (Facebook, 07/06/2017, and Instagram, 07/08/2017)

Coca-Cola VW Bug

3. Built Ford Tough.  We love seeing first gen F-Series pickups cruising into Pomona.  (Instagram, 07/21/2017)

Classic Ford Truck

4. A car is just a car, but an El Camino is a lifestyle!  Car in the front, truck in the back… the Chevy El Camino will forever be the best example of a cruck.  (Instagram, 07/28/2017)

Classic Chevy El Caminos

5. Do you even lift, bro?  Admit it… this clean 1980 Chevy K10 4×4 just looks fun.  (Facebook, 07/29/2017)

1980 Chevy K10 Truck

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