Whether you come to every Pomona Swap Meet or you’ve never actually made it to a show, you can find new and original content straight from Pomona on our Facebook and Instagram.  Here are a few of our favorite posts from August 2017:

1.  Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and Chevrolet.  It doesn’t get anymore American than a classic pickup truck.  (Instagram, 08/04/2017)

Classic Chevy Truck

2.  Circle the wagons!  One of the best things about Pomona is seeing how creative people can be, not just with their cars, but with their swap wagons, too!  (Facebook, 08/07/2017)

Custom Swap Wagon

3.  Who doesn’t like a little splash of color every now and then?  And we think it looks especially good on this Pontiac Star Chief Safari’s taillights.  (Facebook, 08/11/2017)

Pontiac Star Chief Safari Taillights

4.  Be honest.  Does this filter make me look fat?  Chevy trucks never looked so curvy.  (Instagram, 08/26/2017)

Spherical Chevy Truck

5.  Surf’s up!  VWs just might be the best beach vehicles ever made.  (Instagram, 08/31/2017)

VW Surf Bug

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