Next Pomona Swap Meet: June 03, 2018
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    Rain or shine, we swap! For the best shopping, swapping and auto viewing, we recommend arriving early. Remember, "the early bird gets the worm." The Pomona Swap Meet & Classic Car Show is a one-day event held at Fairplex in the City of Pomona, California.

    Event Hours:     5am to 2pm

    Event Location: 1101 W McKinley Avenue,
    Pomona, CA 91768

  • Vendors

    Do you have car parts from a restoration project lying around? Are you cleaning out your garage and need to get rid of spare parts, old tools, or other auto related items? Or do you have a car related business with lots of stuff you want to get rid of and turn into cash? If so, you should become a vendor at the Pomona Swap Meet & Classic Car Show!

  • Car Corral

    Bring your classic car to our next show, park in the middle of the action, and see for yourself why Pomona is the best place to sell your classic car or truck. Since 1975, hundreds of thousands of classic cars & trucks have come and gone through the gates of the Pomona Swap Meet & Classic Car Show.

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    Looking for show news? Want a good read on automotive DIY? Check out our blog and photos to keep up with the latest and greatest from Pomona. You’ll find tips and tricks of the trade!

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    George Cross & Sons, Inc. presents seven giant swap meets every year that have become known as the "West Coast's Largest" antique auto, Corvette, Porsche, street rod, and Volkswagen swap meet and classic car show. The Pomona Swap Meet & Classic Car Show is the ultimate classic car event, and gives you the opportunity to turn your classic car, parts, and automobilia into cash!

  • Classifieds

    The Pomona Classifieds brings the Pomona Swap Meet to your living room. Search for automotive parts and services, or hunt for the perfect hot rod, muscle car, or classic collectible to fill the empty space in your garage! You can also create an ad to sell your parts and cars for FREE!


5 Signs You Have a Blown Head Gasket (and How To Prevent It)

Lancia - Blown Head Gasket

BY BRYAN WOOD / ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED JANUARY 29, 2018 / HAYNES MANUALS / A blown head gasket is bad news. Very bad news. If you think yours is going it requires immediate attention. A head gasket can fail about 7 slightly different ways, which we told you about recently, and all of which are bad news for the engine. If ...

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If Your Engine Oil Turns Black, Don’t Panic

Draining Motor Oil

BY MATTHEW C. KEEGAN / ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED APRIL 6, 2018 / NATIONAL AUTOMOTIVE PARTS ASSOCIATION / Motor oil lubricates the engine and absorbs heat, enabling the engine’s internal parts to work efficiently without overheating. As oil ages, it begins to lose its protective properties and must be changed. When engine oil turns black, however, that doesn’t ...

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Is Your Check Engine Light On? Here Are 5 Common Culprits

Check Engine Light

BY BENJAMIN JEREW / ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED MARCH 8, 2018 / NATIONAL AUTOMOTIVE PARTS ASSOCIATION / As a driver, there’s no greater frustration than seeing your check engine light on for no obvious reason — or after you’ve already repaired what you thought was the issue. The real problem is that the check engine light is so ...

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How To Test a Car Battery With a Multimeter

Testing Car Battery with Multimeter

BY BRYAN WOOD / ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED JANUARY 30, 2018 / HAYNES MANUALS / Every car has one, and without it you’d be going nowhere! When you turn the key and hear a click, or nothing at all, here’s a few tests you can do with a simple multimeter. How many volts should a car battery have? A ...

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When Good Alternators Go Bad (and Why)


BY BRYAN WOOD / ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED OCTOBER 11, 2017 / HAYNES MANUALS / Every car has a battery to crank the engine, and power the fuel pump and ignition at startup, but then the alternator starts spinning and providing the power. Because of this, you can often jump start a car with a failing battery, then ...

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6 Signs You May Have a Bad Water Pump

Water Pump

BY BLAIR LAMPE / ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED MARCH 13, 2018 / NATIONAL AUTOMOTIVE PARTS ASSOCIATION / There are some parts of a vehicle that, when failing, do not need to be immediately replaced. A water pump is not one of those parts. Due to the vital role the pump plays in cooling the engine, if it stops ...

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How the Cold Affects Carburetors

BY BLAIR LAMPE / ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED FEBRUARY 20, 2018 / NATIONAL AUTOMOTIVE PARTS ASSOCIATION / If your vehicle was made in the past 20 years or so, you’ve probably heard of carburetors, but never really dealt with one. For personal vehicles at least, they’ve fallen out of favor for newer and more reliable technology. But they ...

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Why is Changing an Oil Filter so Important?

Oil Filter Cutaway

BY BENJAMIN JEREW/ ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED FEBRUARY 9, 2018 / NATIONAL AUTOMOTIVE PARTS ASSOCIATION / We’ve long departed from the 3,000-mile oil change; most automakers now suggest longer oil change intervals, usually every 5,000, 7,500 or 10,000 miles. These longer intervals are possible thanks to both tighter engine-manufacturing tolerances and high-tech, low-viscosity engine oils, which make for more ...

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Brake Rotor Replacement or Resurfacing: What’s the Better Choice For You?

Brake Rotor & Caliper

BY BENJAMIN HUNTING / ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED FEBRUARY 2, 2018 / NATIONAL AUTOMOTIVE PARTS ASSOCIATION / Brake rotor replacement is a fact of life for any vehicle owner, but how can you know for sure that it’s time to swap in a new set of discs on your automobile? Is it possible to get more life out ...

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Tire Wear: Is This Normal?

New Tires

BY BLAIR LAMPE / ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED JANUARY 12, 2018 / NATIONAL AUTOMOTIVE PARTS ASSOCIATION / Tires are, unfortunately, considered consumable material on a car. Along with things like filters, windshield wipers and fluids, you should expect to replace them several times during the life of a vehicle, as the more they are used, the more worn ...

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Replacing Drum Brakes – Three Pro Tips

Rusty Brake Drum

BY BENJAMIN JEREW / ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED JANUARY 8, 2018 / NATIONAL AUTOMOTIVE PARTS ASSOCIATION / With so many parts hiding inside today’s drum brakes, replacing them is not for the faint of heart. Dealership technicians probably work on drum brakes at least once a week, and brake specialists probably more than once a day. After years in ...

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How to Diagnose Car Leaking by Color and Smell

Oil Spot on Pavement

BY MATTHEW C. KEEGAN / ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED DECEMBER 28, 2017 / NATIONAL AUTOMOTIVE PARTS ASSOCIATION / A puddle on the garage floor may be your first clue that something is wrong with your car. Indeed, car leaking can point to a significant problem, leading to an extensive repair. Before you panic, though, you need to determine what ...

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