Want your classic car’s engine compartment to really stand out? Want to improve performance? Proflo Performance Hose and Fittings has just what you need! ProFlo Performance is a Pomona Swap Meet regular (Road 22, Space 13) and they’ve been in business for 21 years, manufacturing and selling stainless steel braided hoses, fittings, adapters, and hose ends for cars, trucks, motorcycles, off-road vehicles, and boats. We recently caught up with ProFlo Performance owner, Gary Vick, to learn more about him and his products:


Pomona Swap Meet:  When and how did you get started in this industry?
Gary Vick:  My father always liked to repair and sell old cars and helping him is what got me interested in classic cars. I’ve also been in the hose and fitting industry since I was 18, when I started working for Russell Performance.

PSM:  What’s the best part of your job?
GV:  The best part of my job is when a customer comes in with a problem and we’re able to help them fix it by getting them the right parts. It’s always nice to have a customer leave happy.

PSM:  If you won the lottery tonight, what kind of classic car would you buy?
GV:  A 1970 Chevelle or a 1969 Mach 1.

PSM:  Any favorite memories of the Pomona Swap Meet that you would like to share with us?
GV:  The Pomona Swap Meet is always fun! The car guys are all out doing what they love: looking at cars and buying things for their cars at home.

PSM:  So Ford or Chevy, or ???
GV:  Chevy!


PSM:  How can customers contact you?
GV:  Customers can come to my shop located at 12403 Pounds Avenue, Whittier, Calif., 90604, or shop online at ProFloHoseandFittings.com. They can also call me at (562) 896-9469.

PSM:  What exactly do you sell?
GV:  We sell performance hoses and AN adapters for fluid transfer systems on cars, trucks, boats, off-road vehicles, and motorcycles.

PSM:  Do you manufacture your own products or buy them through a wholesaler?
GV: We manufacture some of our own fittings, but most are bought from other sources.

PSM:  What applications are your hoses and adapters for?
GV:  Our hoses and fittings are used for fuel, oil, brake, clutch, power steering, nitrous, water, and air applications.

PSM:  Are your hoses and adapters used more for dressing the engines up or can people gain some performance benefit as well? Why are your hoses better than a standard rubber hose?
GV:  Our hose offers better durability over a regular rubber hose in many ways. Not only does the braided hose add a quality look, but it also adds performance with a better flow rate, higher pressure rating, and better temperature rating. The braiding adds protection and gives the hose a higher pressure rating, and our hose has a temperature rating of up to 450 degrees.

PSM:  What makes and models do you sell products for? Can they be used on classic cars as well as newer ones?
GV: They can be used on any make and model of car.

PSM:  Can you buy your products online through your website? Or is the best way to purchase to come find you at the swap meet?
GV:  You can come by the shop Monday thru Friday from 9am to 6pm, or later by appointment only, and you can stop by on Saturday by appointment only. We also sell our products on eBay and Amazon.

PSM:  Do you do installations as well? Or just sell parts?
GV:  We don’t offer installation, but at no extra charge we’ll make your hose assemblies so you can bolt them on directly without assembling them yourself.

PSM:  What sets you apart from your competitors? Why should people shop with you versus just buying products elsewhere?
GV:  For starters, the quality of our products. They are made from aerospace aluminum and held to performance specifications. Our hose is manufactured by one of the largest hose companies in the country and are made with a Teflon or CPE rubber inliner. Our customer service also sets us apart. Whether you know what you need or not, we strive to get our customers the right product the first time.

PSM:  Do you offer all of your products at the swap meet?
GV:  We take only the more popular items – over 300 items – to the swap meet, such as fuel, transmission, and oil system parts.

PSM:  How long have you been coming to Pomona?
GV:  I have been coming to Pomona for about 3 years.

PSM:  What are your most popular products at the swap meet? What sells the fastest?
GV:  The fuel, transmission, and oil system hose and fittings like our single and duel Holley and Edelbrock carburetor and fuel line kits.

PSM:  Do you offer any swap meet specials or discounts?
GV:  Yes, you pay no tax at the swap meet.

PSM:  Any new products or offerings that we should know about? Any changes on the horizon?
GV:  We have a new fire jacket for hoses with a temperature rating of 1000 degrees. And, in the near future, fuel rails for LS Chevy motors.

PSM:  Anything else customers should know about you or your products?
GV:  Whether you are a one time buyer or one of our many distributors, we are committed to giving you great customer service and high quality parts at a reasonable price.

If you want to improve the look and performance of your classic car’s engine, come out to the Pomona Swap Meet and stop by to see Gary and ProFlo Performance on Road 22, Space 13!