The Southlanders Edsel Owners Club was featured on the Main Aisle at our August 12th event. You never know what you’re going to see in Pomona, but rarely do you see such an incredible group of classic Edsels. The styling was ahead of its time when Edsels were released back in the late 50s… in fact, the styling is still a bit out there! Still, there was nothing like them on the road back then, and there is definitely nothing like them on the road now. From Citations to Corsairs, Pacers to Rangers, and even a few Villager station wagons, the Southlanders brought out a very unique era of automotive history to Pomona. Check out some of the pics we took at the show:

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The Southlanders Edsel Owners Club is open to anyone, even if you’ve never owned a classic car or don’t own an Edsel. One member drives a ’55 Chevy, and even Mopars play nice with this group! If you would like more information on joining the Club, you can contact them directly through their Facebook page.

Do you belong to a car club? Would you like your club to enjoy a free day at a future Pomona Swap Meet & Classic Car Show? Contact Adam by email or at (714) 538-7091 for info.