All the way from Newnan, Georgia, the Smokey Road Rod Shop will be in Pomona for our event on March 3, 2019! If you’ve got a classic American truck, including Chevys up to 1987 and Fords up to 1972, you need to come see these guys on Road 13, spaces 79 and 81. Smokey Road manufactures a couple of killer products that can really make your truck (or trokita) stand out!

First up, they’ve got a very cool tailgate latch system to replace those chains that constantly scratch your paint. Even with a chain cover, the factory chain and s-hook system is notorious for damaging what could otherwise be a beautiful paint job on a classic truck. Smokey Road’s universal tailgate latch kit is made in America and comes with all of the hardware you need for an easy install. No matter what truck you’ve got, from classic Chevy C/K’s to Dodge Sweptlines to the Ford F-Series, Smokey Road’s bolt on cable system can help save your paint. (Of course, if you’re going for that patina thing, then by all means stick with the chains and all the rust that they’ll bring!)

But, now on to the main attraction… the Smokey Road Rod Shop’s aluminum bed floors! These American made, eco-friendly floor boards are digitally printed with extreme definition to give you a realistic and beautiful truck bed that is not only waterproof, but also stain proof, chemical resistant, and three times more scratch and scuff resistant than wood floors. No need to worry about cracking or warping either, because these won’t!

Installation is straightforward, too, and you’ll generally only need an afternoon and basic tools:

  • 1/4″ drill bit
  • 3/8″ drill bit
  • 7/16 socket
  • measuring tape
  • pencil
  • an adult beverage (optional)

And if you really want your truck bed to pop, Smokey Road can also add custom graphics to the floor. If the image is something they’ve done previously, they’ll do it again for you for free! If it’s a new personalized image, pricing starts at $65 per hour.

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These bed floors are really a thing of beauty! If you’re looking to upgrade or customize your truck bed, we highly recommend coming out to Pomona on Sunday, March 3rd to meet the Smokey Road Rod Shop team in person. They’ll be at the end of Road 13… and, as an added bonus, the first three people to order will receive $80 off of shipping (that’s enough to cover the shipping for the Chevy Stepside kit!).

P.S. We almost forgot, but these beautiful bed floors can also be used for Chevy El Caminos, America’s favorite car-truck!