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    Rain or shine, we swap! For the best shopping, swapping and auto viewing, we recommend arriving early. Remember, "the early bird gets the worm." The Pomona Swap Meet & Classic Car Show is a one-day event held at Fairplex in the City of Pomona, California.


    Event Hours:     5am to 2pm

    Event Location: 1101 W McKinley Avenue,
    Pomona, CA 91768

  • Vendors

    Do you have car parts from a restoration project lying around? Are you cleaning out your garage and need to get rid of spare parts, old tools, or other auto related items? Or do you have a car related business with lots of stuff you want to get rid of and turn into cash? If so, you should become a vendor at the Pomona Swap Meet & Classic Car Show!


  • Car Corral

    Bring your classic car to our next show, park in the middle of the action, and see for yourself why Pomona is the best place to sell your classic car or truck. Since 1975, hundreds of thousands of classic cars & trucks have come and gone through the gates of the Pomona Swap Meet & Classic Car Show.



  • Photos & Blog

    Looking for show news? Want a good read on automotive DIY? Check out our blog and photos to keep up with the latest and greatest from Pomona. You’ll find tips and tricks of the trade!

  • About

    PSM Events, Inc. presents seven giant automotive swap meets every year that have become known as the "West Coast's Largest" antique auto, Corvette, Porsche, street rod, and Volkswagen swap meet and classic car show. The Pomona Swap Meet & Classic Car Show is the ultimate classic car event, and gives you the opportunity to turn your classic car, parts, and automobilia into cash!

  • Classifieds

    The Pomona Classifieds brings the Pomona Swap Meet to your living room. Search for automotive parts and services, or hunt for the perfect hot rod, muscle car, or classic collectible to fill the empty space in your garage! You can also create an ad to sell your parts and cars for FREE!



View our most frequently asked questions from vendors.

General Information

  • What time should I get there?

    Anytime after 9 a.m. on Saturday morning, the day prior to the actual event date. Gate 15 remains open until the end of the event. Of course, we strongly recommend being in your space(s) prior to 5 a.m. on the day of the event because that's when we open to the general public.

  • What can I sell?

    Auto Parts, Automobilia & Automotive related items only.

  • What should I bring?

    Parts and Automotive related items, a Pop-Up Shade, cash, and whatever else you need to help make your weekend a great one.

  • How many Spaces do I need?

    A minimum of enough space for your vehicle and trailer to fit when connected. Spaces are approx. 20' X 20' each.

  • Where do I park my vehicle?

    All vendor vehicles and trailers must park on your assigned space(s).

  • Can I unload my parts on my Space and park outside the gate?

    No. Your vehicle must be parked on your assigned space.

  • Where do my employees or helpers park?

    Employees and helpers must ride in with you if you did not purchase a vendor space for them to park in. Or on Sunday, they can park in General parking through Gate 17 (Fairplex charges a $17 parking fee) and pay $15 general admission per person to walk into the event.

  • Do you offer Will Call for the space passes?

    Yes, call us to make Will Call arrangements - (714) 538-7091.

  • Can I stay the night if I set up Saturday?

    Yes, some vendors do stay all night.

  • Can I bring my RV to stay the night?

    Yes, as long as your RV has its own assigned space(s) and space passes. The length of your RV will determine the number of spaces you will need.  Example:  A 35' RV will need two spaces.  Each space is approx. 20' X 20'.  Vendor RV's are not permitted anywhere else on the grounds except for the assigned Vendor Space.

  • Do all the Vendor Spaces sell?

    Yes, we continue to sell vendor spaces until we have sold out.

  • Can I bring my pet?

    No pets please.

  • Can I bring my own food/beverage?

    Yes, you may bring your own food/beverage for personal consumption. No bottles or alcohol are allowed on Fairplex grounds. Selling of food/beverage is prohibited.

  • Can I BBQ?

    Yes, however, no briquettes or open wood fires are allowed on Fairplex grounds. Please bring your gas grill for your personal use. There is no selling of food/beverage allowed.

  • Can I bring a generator? Do you have power there?

    Yes, you may bring your personal generator. Please have the generator powered off by 10pm for the consideration of your neighbors. There is no power source on the fairgrounds.

  • Can I bring a bike, scooter or golf cart to ride inside the event?

    No. The Fairplex regulations prohibit the riding of bicycles, skateboards, scooters, golf carts, etc. on the grounds. Only ADA approved personal mobility scooters and wheelchairs are allowed.

  • Can I play music?

    Yes, you may play a radio, but please be respectful of others who are trying to conduct business. Keep music at a level that others are not disturbed. Also, this is a family event, so vulgar or explicit lyrics are not allowed. The Fairplex regulations prohibit live music or entertainment on the premises without proper permits. Anyone in violation will be asked to leave without refund.

Gate 15

Towing a Trailer

Reserve Vendor

California Seller's Permit

  • Do I need a California Seller's Permit?

    You may not sell at our events unless you have a seller's permit or are not required to hold a permit.  You MUST have a permit if you are selling, even temporarily, new or used items that you purchased for the purpose of reselling to others, or if you plan to sell items on a regular basis.  However, you are not required to hold a permit if you are only making "occasional" sales (no more than twice in a 12-month period), and are only selling items that you have accumulated for your own use (for example, if you are clearing out your garage of your old tools and spare parts).

  • How do I get a California Seller's Permit?

    Contact the West Covina office of the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration at (626) 480-7200 or visit their website at www.cdtfa.ca.gov.

  • What if I'm just clearing our my garage?

    If you are an occasional seller, you are not required to hold a seller's permit.  Occasional sellers typically include persons who have cleared out their garage of their own used items and sell only those items, provided they make sales no more than twice in a 12-month period.  Instead of having a permit, we'll need you to complete the State of California's Swap Meet Certification form (CDTFA-410-D) to certify your status as an occasional seller.  Call us at 714-538-7091 if you're an occasional seller.

If you have additional questions, please don't hesitate to call (714) 538-7091 or use our Contact Us form and a swap crew member will glady answer your questions.

Millions of Auto Parts

So much to see. Bring your wagon!

Swap Gear
  • Hot Rod Races Tribute Tee

    Great Hot Rod Racing scene by famous artist Kent Bash. A great tribute to the 50's & 60's Hot Rod Racers. Premium pre-shrunk 100% cotton black t-shirt screen printed full-size on the back with a matching small logo on the left chest.

  • Swap Meet Junkies

    Unique Pomona "Swap Meet Junkie" design, full-size on the back with a small logo centered on the chest.

  • Genuine Pomona

    Classic design reminiscent of a famous whiskey bottle label, printed full-size on the back with a small sparkin' logo on the left chest.


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