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  1. Using PSM's Classifieds
  2. Posting an Ad
  3. Contacting a Seller
  1. Using PSM's Classifieds

    • Why should I use PSM's Classifieds?

      Pomona Swap Meet is well know in the automotive industry as the best place to sell your classic car or truck. The Classifieds is the next best thing to taking it to the event. The Pomona Classifieds is a trusted community of auto enthusiasts just like you.

    • Does the Pomona Classifieds take a commission from the sale?

      No. All sales are between buyers and sellers. The Pomona Classifieds is an advertising tool to get your ad seen by thousands of automotive enthusiast.

    • How will I know my ad is live?

      You will receive an email notifying you that your ad is live.

    • Why didn't I receive a "Confirmation Email"?

      Please check your "spam" and your "junk" mail boxes. Also, don't hesitate to call (714) 538-7091 if you can't find it.

    • What if my ad expires?

      You can "Log in" to your account, select "Expired Ads" and select the "Renew Ad" button.

    • How will I know if my ad is about to expire?

      We will send you an email notifying you your ad is about to expire.

    • How many ads may I post?

      You may post multiple free classifieds ads, up to 50 to be exact. We believe it's important to help you succeed at getting your items sold and cash in your pocket. All ads are subject to approval and are limited to automotive related items only.

  2. Posting an Ad

    • How do I post an ad?

      The process is simple:

      1. Sign Up 2. Confirm your email. 3. Click "START HERE" from within your account. 4. Create the Title & Description. 5. Upload your pictures. 6. Proof Ad & Confirm. It's very painless.

    • How do I renew my ad?

      "Log in" to your account, select "Your Ads" and then select the "Renew Ad" button.

    • Can a Free Classified Ad be renewed?

      Yes. Basically it's like a "Runs till Sold" classified ad. Simply renew it until it's gone.

    • How do I edit my ad?

      “Log In” to your account, select “Your Ads” and then select the “Edit” button. From there you can update title, description, price and pictures.

    • Can I change my price of my car or item? Can I edit my pictures?

      Yes. “Log In” to your account, select “Your Ads” and then select the “Edit” button. From there you can edit the title, description, price and pictures.

  3. Contacting a Seller

    • How do buyers contact me as a seller?

      Buyers will call using the phone number you provided or they can email you by clicking onto "contact seller" within the ad.

    • How do I contact a seller?

      Call the phone number listed in the ad or use the "contact seller" link within the ad.

    • I don't see the car I'm looking for. Can I post a "Wanted" ad?

      Yes. You can post a Wanted ad for FREE or if you are always in search of a certain vehicle or auto related item, go ahead and post a "Runs Till Sold" ad so that it is always live on the site.


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