What’s that smell?!? Eliminate odors quickly and easily with Scent Bomb – just a couple sprays in your car and it’ll be smelling fresh and new!

We recently caught up with Bruce Bender, distributor of Scent Bomb Products and owner at BJB Investments, to find out a little bit more about the business:


Pomona Swap Meet:  When and how did you get started in this industry?
Bruce Bender:  I have been selling fragrances for almost 8 years. I saw an ad on Craigslist 8 years ago to sell for Scent Bomb, so I contacted the owner and went to try out selling the product at the Santa Fe Springs Swap Meet. I officially got started selling shortly after that and things kept getting better and better. A short time after that, I became a distributor.

PSM:  What’s the best part of your job?
BB:  The best part of my job is making people laugh, which in turn means I get to laugh a lot as well. For example, when people ask me “how many scents do you have?”, I say “I have no sense at all!” They always laugh at my joke and so do I.

PSM:  Have you always been interested in classic cars? Do you currently own a classic car?
BB:  I have always loved classic cars. My first car, 50 years ago, was a 1960 Pontiac Catalina Convertible. I paid $400 for it. About a year and a half ago, I found another one, just like my first one, except in a different color. I paid over $30,000 for that one and had it shipped here from Florida. I got a really good deal for it. It has since gotten a frame up restoration and it had a couple leaks that I had to fix, but other than that, it’s in great shape. I have had a few 60’s convertibles and I love them.

PSM:  If you won the lottery tonight, what kind of classic car would you buy?
BB:  I would love to try to find an older Olds Starfire Convertible or a 1962 Olds 98 Convertible.

PSM:  Any favorite memories of the Pomona Swap Meet that you would like to share with us?
BB:  I am originally from Wisconsin (yes, I am a cheesehead). Many years ago, I owned a 1935 Ford Tudor Sedan. It was jet black. The first time I came to the Pomona Swap Meet, my brother took me, and I found a 1935 Ford Convertible and I tripped out. It was the only one I had ever seen and I wanted one bad.

PSM:  So Ford or Chevy, or ???
BB:  Usually I am a Chevy guy, but I’ve seen some beautiful Fords too.


PSM:  How can customers contact you?
BB:  I live in Gardena. Customers can contact me on my cell phone at 310-704-3337. I also have a permanent spot at the Santa Fe Springs Swap Meet (Space P 31) and at the Pomona Swap Meet (Road 20, Space 60). Customers can meet me at the swap meets to pick up product or they can call me and I can meet them somewhere mutually convenient. It’s always best to call me before coming out to a swap meet though, so I know to expect you, because I have some health issues and occasionally miss a meet. I would feel bad if someone came out to find me and I wasn’t there.

PSM:  Tell us a little bit about your company and its history.
BB:  Scent Bomb’s Main Office is in Miami, Florida and they have a second office here in Mission Viejo, California (about 45 minutes from Los Angeles). Scent Bomb as a company has been in business for about 10 years. They have expanded a lot since I first started with them. There are two owners : Terry, who runs the office in Florida, and Jeff, who runs the office in Mission Viejo. I started selling the small spray bottles several years ago and I now sell the large spray bottles as well and have for the past few years.

PSM:  How long have you been working for Scent Bomb? What attracted you to their products?
BB:  I have been a distributor for Scent Bomb for almost 8 years. Before that, I was a bill collector for over 20 years. I was also in sales for a long time. I hated being a bill collector but kept doing it because I made good money.  What attracted me to Scent Bomb was that the California owner, Jeff, is a good man and Scent Bomb has a good product. I have never met the other owner, Terry, who lives in Florida, but I hear he is a good man too.

PSM:  How long have you been coming to Pomona?
BB:  I have been coming to Pomona for the past 5-6 years.

PSM:  What exactly do you sell?
BB:  I sell spray bottles of different fragrances for the car, home, air conditioner, your office, and many other places.

PSM:  How does the product work?
BB:  In your car, you spray 2 sprays on the floor to the right of your feet, every 3 days. Do not spray it where you put your feet because it could get dirty. Don’t spray the seats, ceiling, or dash. The bottle has about 400 sprays, so it will last you almost 2 years, unless of course, you go wild with your spraying.

PSM:  What makes your product different than the competitors?
BB:  Our product lasts longer than other scents and smell better also. One Japanese man was visiting here and his friend told him to try our ‘Twilight Woods’ scent. The Japanese man loved it and bought 8 bottles to take back with him.

PSM:  How many different scent options do you offer?
BB:  Although many people say I have no sense at all, I carry almost 40 scents.

PSM:  Can your products be used in places other than cars?
BB:  Besides cars, Scent Bomb products can be used in your house. On your light bulbs, you can spray 1-2 sprays. The bulb HAS to be cold though, so if you just turned the light off, check it first before you spray it. You can use it to freshen your trash can by spraying it on a cotton ball and then tossing it in. You can spray it on the edge of your air conditioner. And you can also spray it nose level before you go in to the bathroom to eliminate any odors that might be lingering. I have a large cabinet in my bathroom and sometimes I actually spray it in the corner of the cabinet to keep my bathroom smelling great. You can spray it in a duffle bag or sports bag, or in your office. But always remember, don’t spray it where you walk or on any furniture.

PSM:  Do you sell all the products that Scent Bomb offers or just the spray bottles?
BB:  Currently, I’m only selling the spray bottles. I usually also carry the odor eliminator, but I’m out right now.

PSM:  What are your most popular scents at the swap meet? What sells the fastest?
BB:  My best sellers are: Black Ice, Mango, Black Cherry, Pomegranate, Clean Cotton, New Car, and a couple others. My best BEST seller is Black Ice though.

PSM:  Do you offer any swap meet specials or discounts?
BB:  I sell the bottles for $15 for one or two for $20, prices are somewhat negotiable.

PSM:  Anything else customers should know about you or your products?
BB:  I love coming to the Pomona Swap Meet. I always want to walk around and shop for a nice, old car, but I’m always so busy that I never get the chance to leave my space. Incidentally, if anyone happens to be looking for a job and wants to help me hand out paper samples and help me sell my product, please call me or email me. My email is [email protected]


Got an old car that needs some freshening? Come out to the next Pomona Swap Meet and stop by to see Bruce on Road 20, Space 60!