There’s nothing like a classic American muscle car to get your blood pumping. Speed, power, and good looking cars… that’s what it’s all about! And that’s why we’re excited to be hosting the California Muscle Car Consortium at our show on Sunday, April 14th!

The California Muscle Car Consortium is an association of several muscle car groups from Los Angeles, the Bay Area, and Central California. It started with a few friends who shared a passion for muscle cars, and then grew as they met more like-minded guys at various car events. By “like-minded”, we mean high performance oriented guys with a love for big motors, big cams, high compression, and superchargers! (Check out Torque Works, members of the Consortium out of Bakersfield, Calif., to get an idea of what we’re talking about.)

Some footage from June, 2018. Skip to 1:12 to see the Consortium’s line-up at the Pomona Swap Meet last summer!

Most of the guys do all of the work on their cars, from building motors to paint and body. These cars never go to a shop! They’re garage built, with the blood, sweat, and toil of the owners and friends in the Consortium.

And it gets even better… because even though these cars are putting out 500-800 hp, the guys drive them everywhere. These cars are all streetable, very reliable, and they get driven a lot! Guys in the Consortium put a ton of money and time into their cars, and they are going to enjoy them!

Whether you’re into bowties, blue ovals, or Mopars, if you’re a muscle car guy and you’re into car shows, cruises, cigars, drag races, and wrenching on cars… come out to Pomona on Sunday, April 14th, and meet the California Muscle Car Consortium! You’re going to see some incredible all-American muscle cars from each of the Big 3 auto makers, including Camaros, Challengers, Chevelles, Shelby Cobras, Pontiac Firebirds, El Caminos, Ford Falcons, Mustang Mach 1s, and more!