We featured the Nu Minis Truck Club on the Main Aisle at our June 2nd event, and it was awesome to see how much attention they got! The Nu Minis (@NuMinis_SoCal) feature “LA style” mid 80s to early 90s import trucks (e.g. Nissan 720s, Mazda B Series trucks, and Toyota SR5s). The Nu Minis only have one chapter, but they’ve got sixteen active members, and their trucks have some serious style!

Marlon Pineda (@NuMinisMarlon) cruised into the show with his sick ’85 Nissan 720. The truck was stock when Marlon bought it, but he’s done some serious upgrades, including air suspension, 4 stage hydraulics, and shaved door handles.

Not to be outdone by Marlon, Patty Pineda (@PattyPinedaPhotos) brought out her ’85 Nissan 720, known as “Hot Mess”! This 720’s cab has been left alone, but it’s got a static drop kit and 3 stage hydraulics.

Jose Dominguez rolled in with his ’85 720 King Cab. Jose is the original owner, but he’s also one of the newest members of the Nu Minis. His 720 has a 2 stage bed lift.

This 1985 Nissan 720 ST is Marleny Ortiz’s “just for fun” truck. She’s tried to keep the truck original, but she’s added some custom pink stitching to the original upholstery and a carpet kit in the bed.

Danny Aguirre is the original owner of this ’85 720, and he’s also an original member of the Nu Minis! Staying with the theme, Danny’s 720 is all original, with only 66k miles, and it’s strictly 80s style. Only the paint job has changed, a couple of times over the years, but Danny’s always gone with a reddish hue. The truck has a full Z rack and 15″ x 10″ rims.

Miguel Rueda came with his 1985 720. The console and dash are all original, and Miguel has restored the upholstery. The paint has also been re-done with a blue pearl, and the truck has 2 stage hydraulics.

Frank Cortez’s 1986 Nissan ST King Cab has 15″ x 10″ deep dish wheels, a Z rack, and a ragtop sunroof!

Joe Barcena brought out his 1985 Nissan 720 King Cab. This mini was clean inside and out – with shaved door and tailgate handles, and custom upholstery.

Mark Smith is still working on his 1991 Mazda B2600, but the truck is named “Boom Box”, and you can see why! It’s got an upgraded (to say the least) sound system, Porsche wheels, and a dancing bed.

Alfonso Hernandez built his ’88 Mazda B2200 in the early 90s. He did all the work himself, including the upgraded sound system and convertible top. And just when you didn’t feel nostalgic enough, get a load of Alfonso’s car phone!

Carmel Ortiz brought out his 1989 Mazda B2600. The whole truck was done twenty-five years ago, but then was stored for twelve years! Carmel cleaned it up so that it’s drivable, added new rims and tires, hydraulics, and air suspension.

And, finally, we’ve got Sal Morales’ 1985 Toyota SR5. This lowered mini has 15″ Porsche cookie cutter wheels, an upgraded sound system in the bed, and a 3 stage hydraulic dancing bed kit. But, other than that, the truck is stock, and it’s Sal’s daily driver!

SoCal’s mini truck scene is back with a vengeance and we couldn’t be happier. We love all classic cars and trucks in Pomona, and you never know what you’re going to see out here! Click here to read more about the Nu Minis, and we’ll see you in Pomona soon!

If you’re a car club member and you would like your club to enjoy a free day at a future Pomona Swap Meet & Classic Car Show, please contact Adam by email or at (714) 538-7091.