Make way for the August Featured Car Club…The Burbank Road Kings!!

The Road Kings of Burbank were established in 1952 by Ralph Marshall, and was initially a drag racing club with a few hotrods mixed in. Some of the early members made reputations for their drag racing exploits. From the nationally famous drag racers like Don Prudhomme, Tommy Ivo and Ken Safford, to the local racers. They have raced almost every kind of vehicle, on every kind of surface throughout the country, whether it be asphalt, salt or water, in a straight line or on the circle tracks. The classes and vehicles these Road Kings drove in represent a cross section of racing in all of its’ diverse forms. Many well known drag racers helped cement the Road Kings legacy. The list keeps growing as current members continue to set the standards for racers and rodders everywhere.

In 1985, John Key, Eddie Salvatore, Bob Money, & Mike Walsh reorganized Road Kings. The club puts on two shows each year. The first show is a picnic and car show that takes place in the Spring at Johnny Carson Park and is open to everyone. Their second show takes place in October at the Santa Anita Race Track. From the proceeds of their shows, Road Kings has been able to donate approximately $200,000 to local charities.

Over time the club has become more hotrod than race-car oriented, but they still hold a club drag racing series at LA County Raceway in Palmdale every year. At the NHRA Hot Rod Reunion, the Road Kings were recognized as the Justice Brothers Spotlight Club. They have also gained recognition from The Congress of the United States, Eagle One, City of Burbank, and others for the charitable and civic exploits of the club. With over 100 members, the Road Kings continue the Racing and Rodding traditions of the past.

Membership is limited to all Classic American Vehicles,  Muscle Cars, Trucks and Special Interests prior to model year of 1979. All vehicles must score 60 out of a possible 80 points. Judging to be performed by our panel of three judges at the first Executive Board Meeting

Engine                                      20

Suspension                              20

Wheels                                     20

Exhaust                                    20

All Category Inspection Standards:                Max Points

Paint                                                                   20

Interior                                                               20

Engine                                                                20

Chassis                                                              20

Candidate Interview                                      20

Car and owner being considered must earn a minimum of 60 points as listed above.

Road Kings will be featured at the August 7th Pomona Swap Meet. Make sure to stop by, check out their classics, and learn more about their historic club!

Check out Road Kings online!