Rich Romero is a key figure in the history of the Pomona Swap Meet. He embarked on his journey with the event in 1975, attending the inaugural Pomona Swap Meet & Classic Car Show alongside his father and uncle, who ran a towing company at the time. Over the years, their business transformed into “I Part Out Chevys,” focusing on supplying original classic Chevy parts.

Rich Romero proudly credits his father and uncle as pioneers of the Pomona Swap Meet, establishing their place in the event’s rich history. Today, Rich remains a dedicated participant at the Pomona Swap Meet, showcasing and selling his products. What sets the Romero family apart is their unique approach of bringing in whole cars to part out on site, providing their customers with a transparent view of the exact parts they are purchasing.

As a family-run venture, the Romero business involves Rich, his wife, daughter, and son, all actively contributing to its success. Their commitment to preserving the family tradition is evident in their hands-on involvement. The Romero family looks forward to passing down the business to the next generation, ensuring that the legacy of their expertise in classic cars endures and thrives for years to come.

You can find Rich Romero and his impressive inventory of classic Chevy parts, on Road 18, the even spaces 70 thru 90 at the upcoming August 13th Pomona Swap Meet!

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