Next Pomona Swap Meet: June 03, 2018
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    Rain or shine, we swap! For the best shopping, swapping and auto viewing, we recommend arriving early. Remember, "the early bird gets the worm." The Pomona Swap Meet & Classic Car Show is a one-day event held at Fairplex in the City of Pomona, California.

    Event Hours:     5am to 2pm

    Event Location: 1101 W McKinley Avenue,
    Pomona, CA 91768

  • Vendors

    Do you have car parts from a restoration project lying around? Are you cleaning out your garage and need to get rid of spare parts, old tools, or other auto related items? Or do you have a car related business with lots of stuff you want to get rid of and turn into cash? If so, you should become a vendor at the Pomona Swap Meet & Classic Car Show!

  • Car Corral

    Bring your classic car to our next show, park in the middle of the action, and see for yourself why Pomona is the best place to sell your classic car or truck. Since 1975, hundreds of thousands of classic cars & trucks have come and gone through the gates of the Pomona Swap Meet & Classic Car Show.

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    Looking for show news? Want a good read on automotive DIY? Check out our blog and photos to keep up with the latest and greatest from Pomona. You’ll find tips and tricks of the trade!

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    George Cross & Sons, Inc. presents seven giant swap meets every year that have become known as the "West Coast's Largest" antique auto, Corvette, Porsche, street rod, and Volkswagen swap meet and classic car show. The Pomona Swap Meet & Classic Car Show is the ultimate classic car event, and gives you the opportunity to turn your classic car, parts, and automobilia into cash!

  • Classifieds

    The Pomona Classifieds brings the Pomona Swap Meet to your living room. Search for automotive parts and services, or hunt for the perfect hot rod, muscle car, or classic collectible to fill the empty space in your garage! You can also create an ad to sell your parts and cars for FREE!


#BecauseTruck: Perea Truck Accessories & Body Parts

Why do you drive a truck? Whether it’s to haul parts, tow a classic car, or just because no woman ever said, “I’d like to take a ride in your Prius,” we get it. Pickup trucks are as American as apple pie, and they’re a part of life here in Pomona. If you need parts ...

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Bring a Bit of Freshness to Your Old Car with Scent Bomb

What’s that smell?!? Eliminate odors quickly and easily with Scent Bomb – just a couple sprays in your car and it’ll be smelling fresh and new! We recently caught up with Bruce Bender, distributor of Scent Bomb Products and owner at BJB Investments, to find out a little bit more about the business: TELL US ...

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Cal Blast: A Car Guy’s Modern Soda Shop

This isn’t your grandfather’s soda shop! California Soda Blast has become one of SoCal’s premier media blasting facilities, catering to the automotive restoration crowd. And their also Pomona Swap Meet regulars… setting up on Road 25, Space 18 at every show. If you’re working on a project and you need help removing the old paint, bondo, undercoating, ...

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Hanneman Fiberglass: Hot Rod & Off-Road Parts

Hal Hannemann of Hannemann Fiberglass

Go out on the street and take a look at your water meter and tell us what it might have in common with that really nice chopped Model A in your neighbor’s garage. Don’t know? Well, the answer might just be Harold “Hal” Hannemann, owner of Hannemann Fiberglass. Hal’s family has been making all sorts of things ...

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California Car Cover Company – Whatever You Need, We’ve Got You Covered!

California Car Cover Office

When you hear the name California Car Cover Company, your first thought must be “they sell car covers.”  Well, you’re definitely right about that, but they sell so much more than just car covers!  This family owned and operated business is a regular at the Pomona Swap Meet, setting up on Road 19, Space 2 ...

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Foreign Concepts VW: Travel in Style with a VW Roof Rack

I’ve had a soft spot for VWs ever since I learned how to drive stick on my brother’s ’69 Bug before my senior year of high school. He left for basic training at Naval Training Center, San Diego, that summer and I was the lucky beneficiary of his car. Before he left, we’d buy the latest ...

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A Breath of Fresh Air: Syndicate Customs

One of the first things people usually upgrade on a new project vehicle is the suspension. Whether you’re working on a project or you just want to improve the suspension of your ride, Syndicate Customs can help bring your vision to life! Syndicate Customs (formerly known as Syndicate Motorsports) does it all, from custom jobs to kits ...

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G2 Graphics: Custom Wraps and Decals to Make Your Car Stand Out

I Love Rust Decal

Tired of your car looking like everyone else’s?  Change it up with a custom vehicle wrap or decals from G2 Graphics!  Whether you want to rep for your favorite football team, or you just want to show your love for your car, G2 Graphics can make it happen.  If you can envision it, they can bring it ...

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You bought a car, now how do you get it home? Meet Direct Express!

We get visitors from around the world at the Pomona Swap Meet & Classic Car Show… so we get a lot of questions about shipping cars home. Sometimes home is just a few states away, but sometimes it’s across an ocean. No matter how far you’ve come, if you buy a classic car on the ...

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D&R Chrome: Chrome Repair for Classic Cars

Ricardo and Esteban Loera of D&R Chrome

If the chrome on your classic car is showing its age, you really only have three options: 1) find reproduction parts to replace the originals, 2) re-chrome the original parts, or 3) tell everyone you’re going for the patina look! Of course, depending on your car and the part, finding a reproduction replacement isn’t always ...

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The Lug Nut King: Your One Stop Shop for Wheel Accessories

The Lug Nut King

One of the easiest ways to improve the look of your classic car is to improve the look of your wheels. But where do you start, especially if you don’t have the budget for a brand new set of rims and tires? Well, look no further than the Pomona Swap Meet, where we’ve got royalty ...

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Parting Out: One Man’s Scrap Is Another Man’s Treasure

Old parts aren’t scrap, they’re valuable! At least that’s the philosophy Richard Romero and his son, Richard, Jr., have always followed. And that’s a good thing for their customers, many of whom wouldn’t be able to finish their projects without the sometimes rusty, but often rare parts that the Romeros bring to each and every Pomona Swap Meet. ...

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