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4000+ Vintage 1920s-1972 Magazine Car Ads

4000+ Vintage 1920s-1972 Magazine Car Ads
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OVER 4000 VINTAGE (1920s-1972) "LIFE," "LOOK," "Saturday Evening Post" MAGAZINE ADS FOR SALE from a 25-yr. Pomona Seller:
You get two groups of ad merchandise!
1.) Over 2100 VINTAGE MAGAZINE ADS (mostly CARS & TRUCKS) - SEALED IN CLEAR SLEEVES WITH LOOSE POSTER BOARD BACKING: 1920s to 1972, 90% to 95% Vintage car and truck ads, PLUS 1920s to 1972 vintage gas, tire, oil, airplane, soda, beer, smokes, appliance ads (and more).
90% of these 2100 finished ads are vintage car and truck ads! Tons and tons of gorgeous artwork straight from America's advertising art departments.
They are all PRISTINE and are stored in model-year order starting in the 1920s in many cases, then by brand name, working up to 1972. Nothing newer than 1972.
All of these ads were carefully removed from their magazines. A large portion of them are from the ‘50s and ‘60s (our favorite decades for automobile design and color). They are full-size page ads primarily from LIFE, LOOK, Saturday Evening Post, and HOLIDAY magazines with a few other publications in the mix.

2.) AN ADDITIONAL 2000 (approx.) LOOSE VINTAGE ADS and ADS still in full VINTAGE MAGAZINES - as BACKUP INVENTORY to replenish your sold items.
Over the years we have only purchased clean, original magazines in great condition. Each 10.5" x 14.0" ad was then carefully removed and, when needed, trimmed of any frayed edges. The ads were immediately dropped into re-sealable clear sleeves with an 11" x 14" white poster board backing for stability. They're ready to be framed or can be wall-displayed as-is!
In addition, there are many two-page centerfold-type ads in larger clear sleeves with a poster board backing.
You also get one professionally made sign: "Magazine Advertisements."
We were getting $7 to $10 ea. for the 1-page ads and $10 to $20 for the 2-page ads. The market value for the (2000+) 1-page ads, sold at $8.50 ea. average price is $17,000. Add the 2-pg. ads to that PLUS, in the last 2 photos, ALL THE BACKUP INVENTOR
Mar 30, 2024
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